A trip in Seoul

Hello, so.. I went to Korea.. And I had a blast!! Bit of a culture shock since it was my first time ever travelling internationally but I had so much fun. There was so many things to do. Stores, clubs, and restaurants would keep operating until 6am. It was like the city of Seoul never sleeps. I went to Changdeokgung Palace which is where the King used to live. The architecture was beautiful with their colorful details. There was also a hidden secret garden. U rgh! Just freaking gorgeous, totally would go back to Korea again. Sadly my camera got stolen so I can’t post those pictures </3 my heart.

But I hope you enjoy the pictures I do have.

I’m normal. Thank god..

I’m finally feeling great. I’ve been down with the stomach flu this whole week and its been very painful. I’ve never been through so much pain while being sick before and I’ve been gotten the stomach flu before. But it was awful and I was truly worried if it was ever going to end. Thankfully someone told me to drink emergenC, and I believe that was my holy grail because I was already noticing I was getting better the next day. Yes vitamin C ❤

Actually, I think it’s a good idea if I take one today too just to be on the safe side, but I’m so happy I’m up and being able to do things again. I’m grateful. Thank god for life.



Sasquatch Corn Maze


My boyfriend, brother and I also went through a saquatch corn maze and from birdeyes view its actually shaped as saquatch. We had to follow and find numbers based on the maze map to punch out holes and turn in for a chance to get $75 red robin gift card. Did any of us win? I doubt it, that box was jammed packed. We barely was able to put our maze map in. Overall, it was fun for my first time being in a corn maze.


Carprinto Pumpkin Patch


I went to a pumpkin patch this week to pick out and carve pumpkins for halloween. The weather was actually perfect not too cold or windy.  As you can tell there were tons of pumpkins… its a pumpkin patch, of course. Still, it was really neat to see so many different colors, shapes and sizes. My brother and I even saw a green pumpkin that looked like a watermelon, but that watermelon was eaten its gut out alive.. 😛  kekeke.


Overall, it was nice fun time. Going through a Sasquatch corn maze eating kettle corn as the the corn watch us eat one of their kind and cry. I’m sorry corn… >:)  I even got more fresh corn from their farm to steam at home and they’re super delicious by themselves.

How about you? Is anyone going to carve pumpkins this Halloween? Or have any special exciting plans like a party? I like to hear your stories.




Photo Credit: Johnny Tollefson Photography