Carprinto Pumpkin Patch


I went to a pumpkin patch this week to pick out and carve pumpkins for halloween. The weather was actually perfect not too cold or windy.  As you can tell there were tons of pumpkins… its a pumpkin patch, of course. Still, it was really neat to see so many different colors, shapes and sizes. My brother and I even saw a green pumpkin that looked like a watermelon, but that watermelon was eaten its gut out alive.. 😛  kekeke.


Overall, it was nice fun time. Going through a Sasquatch corn maze eating kettle corn as the the corn watch us eat one of their kind and cry. I’m sorry corn… >:)  I even got more fresh corn from their farm to steam at home and they’re super delicious by themselves.

How about you? Is anyone going to carve pumpkins this Halloween? Or have any special exciting plans like a party? I like to hear your stories.




Photo Credit: Johnny Tollefson Photography